15 July 2020
The Weekly
DAVID JONES: Mindfully Made

David Jones has established a digital and in-store hub providing customers with more transparency into brands. The retailer has identified five umbrella categories which contribute to conscious consumption, and has curated lists of its brands that fall under these labels. Brands must tick at least one of these attributes to be included, with a focus on progress, not perfection.

David Jones defines these values as follows:

  • Australian made: Brands that support local industry and community by manufacturing in Australia.
  • Sourced with care: Brands that focus on responsibly sourced materials and mindful processes to minimise environmental impact.
  • Reduce and recycle: Brands that adopt innovative and conscious ways to upcycle, recycle and reduce waste.
  • Community minded: Brands that focus on supporting communities, supply chain transparency, the welfare of workers and fair working conditions.
  • Kind to animals: Brands that use cruelty-free production methods and ingredients that do not harm animals.


The intersections of sustainability can often be difficult to navigate; while a brand may not test on animals, it may still use animal products. For instance, David Jones’ Kind to Animals section includes offerings that contain animal products.


“Increasingly, our customers seek greater insight into where and how their favourite brands are manufactured, and Mindfully Made’s objective is to support customers in making informed shopping choices,” said David Jones.