8 September 2019
The Weekly

Lotte Duty Free has launched a new content-sharing online platform for customers called TripTalk. It allows them to share real-time information about their overseas travels, including shopping, hotels, restaurants, and flights. The service, developed by Lotte Duty Free, encourages travelers to share their views on a range of topics, including reviewing duty free purchases. User convenience is enhanced through functions such as the ability to view the latest and most popular content at a glance and to search using hash tags. TripTalk can be accessed through a QR code on the Lotte Duty Free Shop home page, or by clicking a banner on the mobile application. The service is available only in Korean language initially but this may be expanded to include others. Each time TripTalk customers receive video or photo content, or click or comment on other users’ posts, they can earn ‘candy’ to be redeemed for purchases in the online duty free shop. They can earn up to 3,000 candy units a day. Lotte Duty Free will pay 500,000 ‘candies’ to customers who record the most posts during the launch month of September, with one candy equating to one Won.