20 October 2021
The Weekly

Thailand’s leading retail group, Central Retail has once again bagged the two prestigious regional awards: Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards and IDC Future Enterprise Awards Thailand, 2021. While the first award celebrates the excellence of human resources, the second award recognises the company's innovation throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The category of Best Employer Award under the Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2021 by the Employer Branding Institute, a leading human resource organisation from India, is the award that selects outstanding organisations with prominent management throughout 38 countries across Asia. The category of Best in Future of Work under the 2021 IDC Future Enterprise Awards Thailand by The Future Enterprise Award Singapore, a renowned global provider of market intelligence and advisory services, is the award that recognizes innovative organizations or projects that showcase forefront initiatives known as one of the largest innovation awards throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Central Retail was awarded under the invention of the C-Coin Application- based on blockchain technology, a reward management tool that establishes stronger employee engagement as well as promoting cooperation among employees willingly and voluntarily within the organization. The application consists of a C-Coin Wallet and a digital currency that can be used as a substitute for cash for restaurants, products, and services partners under Central Retail.

Congratulation to Central teams for these important recognitions.