20 August 2023
The Weekly

Central Retail Corporation and its subsidiaries reported a 5.6% increase in revenue and 5.3% growth in profit for Q2 ended June 30. The company’s total revenue was THB60,002mn (US$1.6bn) while net profit reached THB1690mn (US$47.4mn). Revenue from sales was THB53,521, up 4.5% year over year, largely driven by the fashion segment with a 14.1% growth. The business in Thailand continued to recover, as reflected in an 8% jump in sales.


The Italy business recorded a 20% increase in sales thanks to the reopening of the country, which has stimulated purchases among domestic consumers and tourists. Meanwhile, sales in Vietnam reduced 10% due to a sluggish macroeconomy where consumers were more cautious in spendings. As of June 30, the company has 3.4mn m2 of net sales area and 0.7mn m2 of net leasable area, up 3.4% and 6.9%, respectively. Reportedly the performance has continued to improve in Q2 thanks to a strong business model and adjusted operational strategies to be in line with changing business environment.