12 January 2023
The Weekly
Carte blanche to Indian Artist at Le Bon MarchéCarte blanche to Indian Artist at Le Bon Marché

As every year, Le Bon Marché lets the talent of artists invade its walls, which then gives rise to extraordinary exhibitions. This year, Subodh Gupta, a figure of contemporary art, was chosen to showcase his kitchen pans. Subodh Gupta transforms household objects into monumental works of art. From January 9 to February 19, the artist is taking up residence on the Left Bank side of the capital with his exhibition entitled ‘Samgam’, highlighting in particular his many aluminum saucepans. ‘Sangam is a cascade of mirror facets and sculptures formed from household objects. An installation that questions viewers about their pilgrimage in a consumer-driven society,’ says Subodh Gupta. The artist will occupy several spaces in the store, starting with the windows, which he will decorate with furniture and second-hand objects. The canopies, on either side of the escalators, will be adorned with a traditional XXL Indian pot and a giant leap made up of shiny aluminum kitchen utensils that will pour out a cloud of mirrors. The second floor of the store will host The Proust Effect (l’Effet Proust), a suspended hut made up of vintage utensils collected from the markets.