26 January 2022
The Weekly
United States

In celebration of Nordstrom’s 120th anniversary, Blake Nordstrom’s bronze footprints were added to the Nordstrom Seattle Walk of Fame on Friday. Erik and Pete Nordstrom (in the picture) unveiled the bronze plaque on the sidewalk outside the downtown Seattle store that includes his shoe prints and his favorite quote: “Extend yourself.”

Blake Nordstrom’s bronze shoe prints joined those of 33 other city luminaries, including rock star Jimi Hendrix and political powerhouse Ruby Chow, on the Nordstrom Seattle Walk of Fame. The walk was commissioned in 1998, when Nordstrom relocated to the former Frederick & Nelson store in the 500 block of Pine Street. Having started in the family business at age 11, Blake was serving as the company’s co-president when he succumbed to cancer on Jan. 2, 2019. He was 58.