4 August 2021
The Weekly
August Campaign at Jelmoli

In reference to August 1, Switzerland's national holiday, and in order to highlight local brands and emphasize the importance of regional roots, Jelmoli's motto for the month of August is ‘The Contemporary Face of Switzerland’. The focus is on Swiss brands, their stories and products. In addition to classic labels, new and small brands such as Schoenstaub, ZigZag Zurich and Jungle Folk will be in the spotlight to show the diversity and contemporary face of Swiss design. In order to showcase their unique face and the story behind it, Jelmoli is offering its shop windows to the Swiss partner brands and a carte blanche to present their essence. On August 23rd Jelmoli will further hold a panel talk hosted by CEO Nina Müller and welcoming guests, such as CEOs and members of the Executive Board, of well-known Swiss brands like Mammut and Maison Mollerus.