13 December 2020
The Weekly

Since 2016, Le Bon Marché has invited an artist from the international contemporary scene to invest its spaces and windows. After Ai Weiwei, Chiharu Shiota, Leandro Erlich, Joana Vasconcelos and Oki Sato, the Carte Blanche has been given to French artist Prune Nourry. Titled ‘L’Amazone Erogene’, the art installation will be presented from 9 January to 21 February 2021. Evoking the fight against breast cancer, it fits rightly into the plastic work initiated by the artist over the past fifteen years. A graduate of the Boulle School in 2006 and resident at the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn since March 2011, Prune Nourry addresses in her creations subjects specific to the body, from children to adults, and to bioethics.

As is the tradition established by Le Bon Marché, the artist is left completely free in the conception of his project. Only one constraint is imposed on her/him: the use of the colour white in his creation. A way to pay tribute to the department store’s founder, Aristide Boucicaut, pioneer of modern commerce, to whom we owe each January for 150 years ‘The Month of White’, dedicated to household linen. The installation of Prune Nourry will take place under the glass roof of the Parisian department store, invading the space with hundreds of arrows in wood and white, brown and ocher feathers, launched through space by a monumental bow bent towards a target. The installation will also be available in the windows of the store, for which Prune Nourry has created geometric patterns inspired by American minimalism.le b