15 February 2024
The Weekly
All You Need is Love & ? at Jelmoli

Jelmoli is using Valentine's month to convey the message that everything you can discover at Jelmoli has been curated with Love. ‘ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE & ?’ is not just a question, but an invitation to reflect. Everyone has their own personal ‘&’, their individual element that completes Love and makes it unique. At Jelmoli you will find a wide range of gifts that celebrate your personal ‘&’. The campaign slogan can therefore be adapted to the entire Jelmoli range and services:


All you need is love  &  a new summer dress

All you need is love  &  delicious pasta

All you need is love  &  a Prosecco at Sopra on the terrace

All you need is love  &  new shoes

All you need is love  &  Jelmoli