21 December 2022
The Weekly
South Korea
Alfie Caine's First Solo Asian Exhibition with Lotte Department Store

Lotte Department Store will hold the first solo exhibition in Asia by Alfie Caine, a British artist who is emerging as a star on the global art scene. His exhibition ‘Moments of Calm’ will be opened Friday on the sixth floor of Avenuel Art Hall at the store's luxury brand branch Avenuel in Seoul's Jamsil-dong neighborhood and run through Feb. 12. Featuring rich colors and a flat yet interesting perspective, his works have earned global acclaim as being reminiscent of those by renowned painters David Hockney and Edward Hopper. Sixteen new large-scale paintings by Caine will be displayed at the exhibition like ‘House on the Peninsula,’ ‘Entrance Overlooking the Bay’ and ‘Bath then Bed.’ All of his works show a range of angles in the same space and reflect the atmosphere and scenery of the region where Caine lives based on his experiences and settings. Lotte Department Store has presented several exhibitions including Lotte Art Fair 2022 Busan, its first large event of its kind this year from May 10-14 in Korea's largest port city, under the goal of becoming the nation's No. 1 art distributor.