3 March 2021
The Weekly

Despite the pandemic, Cencosud (holding company of Paris Department Store) managed to close the FY 2020 with an income increase of 3% compared to 2019. EBITDA was also on the rise with an increase of 4.4% in 2020. However, the group's profit plunged double-digit in 2020 to 58%.

Online sales have had a record during 2020, increasing significantly, especially in the supermarket format with a growth of 278.6%, followed by department stores with an increase of 186.5% and home improvement with an increase of 125.1%. End of 2020 Cencosud launched the Jumbo Prime digital program, a membership that includes free and unlimited shipping, personalized offers and an exclusive service channel on the internal portal. Paris Department Store's online store launched the possibility to deliver in 24 hours for the metropolitan region from Monday to Friday.