6 September 2023
The Weekly
190th Anniversary of Jelmoli190th Anniversary of Jelmoli190th Anniversary of Jelmoli190th Anniversary of Jelmoli

The lion as a symbol for the city of Zurich and as Jelmoli's spirit animal will accompany Jelmoli throughout the anniversary year. The anniversary logo stands for festivity and grandeur. Just as the city of Zurich surrounds the department stores, the lion surrounds the big J. In the center of the campaign, alongside the lion, are the iconic green Jelmoli carrier bag and the stories of the various customers, employees and partners behind and from it.


To honor the anniversary, a J-Talk with exciting guests was held on August 31. The talk was moderated by Melanie Winiger, who was able to put questions to the commercial director and the head of facility management at Jelmoli, the founder of SwissDent and the founder of Taucherli. The evening was a successful kick-off and foretaste of the upcoming anniversary season, which runs until November 2, Jelmoli's official birthday.