10 May 2023
The Weekly
190 Years of Jelmoli190 Years of Jelmoli190 Years of Jelmoli190 Years of Jelmoli

A store full of history, symbolism, life and especially soul and dedication, Jelmoli will officially celebrate its 190th birthday on 2nd November 2023. Starting in spring 2023, the department store will celebrate this extraordinary anniversary throughout the year with various exclusive product launches and cooperations with our partners and suppliers. These include among others an anniversary gin, a Jelmoli-style suitcase and a Soeder hand soap. The limited anniversary edition of Turicum Gin captures Zurich's history.  Likewise, Soeder created their hand soap ‘Wermut Negroni’ in the anniversary look to celebrate Jelmoli's 190th birthday. Pack Easy created a limited anniversary collection for Jelmoli. For the designs, the suitcase pioneer uses old advertising posters. The Limited Retro J Print suitcase is available in three different designs.