24 September 2021
Printemps - Septième Ciel, Circular Fashion Floor
  • Background: the 7th floor of Printemps Hausmann was largely closed to the public for decades, but in September, the grand magasin unveiled this newly renovated floor with 1,300m² dedicated to circular fashion. This floor is also full of architechtural gems and cultural treasures such as the Binet Cupola and Pont d'Argent. 
  • Description: The new Septième Ciel opened with a mix of brands including alteration service Tilli, vintage retailers Relique and Nuovo, sneaker care and customization service Docteur Sneaker, second-hand children’s clothes retailer Bonâge, and a selection of upcycled and recycled items from the Printemps-owned online homeware retailer Made in Design.
  • Impact: According to CEO Jean Marc Bellaiche, "Initially, we will take back a limited range of products, but the ambition is much broader. The ambition is that ultimately, we will be able to take back any product purchased at Printemps." Thus generating a full circular economy in the fashion industry.

Photos courtesy of Printemps