16 November 2021
South Africa
  • Background: Woolworths is collaborating with DSV (its logistics partner) and Everlectric to trial-run electric vans to deliver its products. Everlectric is a bespoke supplier of electric vans. The vehicles that Woolies is using, according to a report by CleanTechnica, is the SAIC Maxus eDeliver3. It's an all-electric vehicle with a carrying capacity of 905kg or 4800 litres. 
  • Description: The electric vans are charged using photovoltaic solar panels to capture energy from the sun, which it then pipes into the test vehicles' battery packs at its depot.
  • Impact: Using the sun's power and considering the overall reduction in emissions compared to using a diesel-powered delivery vehicle of this capacity, Woolies has been able to save 3.6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the past two months of testing the electric vans.

Photo courtesy of Woolworths