7 December 2022
South Africa
  • Background: Last year, Woolworths started engaging with local recyclers to test various second-life products for its reusable bags and trialling recycling ‘drop offs’ at tills in selected stores.
  • Description: Woolworths will be rolling out two new reusable and recyclable shopping bag projects to over 200 stores across South Africa which include a drop-off site for worn bags to be recycled and the ‘Bring a bag/Take a Bag’ initiative. In light of this positive feedback, Woolworths will be incorporating this project in 104 stores across South Africa. All the in-store housing equipment for the bags is made from recycled content, which used to be yoghurt tubs, toothpaste tubes or chip packets that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
  • Impact: These two new additions to the goal for zero packaging waste will help ensure that the broken or worn reusable bags are disposed of responsibly and given a new life – including for excess bags to be reused, reducing the need to purchase more.

Photo Courtesy of Woolworths 

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