14 December 2022
  • Background: The department store’s last Corner Shop pop-up will focus on a curation of pre-loved, vintage and upcycled silverware that’s inspired by food. Everything in the Corner Shop edit will be from the Reselfridges category, with each item carrying eco-credentials. Items at the shop will include ready-to-wear, accessories and lifestyle products that start from 50 pounds and go up to GB£9,000.
  • Description:  The brands featured in the Corner Shop include vintage jewelry specialists Jennifer Gibson and Susan Caplan; fashion archivists Dot Comme from Melbourne and OOTO London; 1950s accessories from D.G. Jennings; streetwear by Trading Desk, and party wear from Vout Vintage.
  • Impact: A special section for green jewelry. Sustainable diamonds made with atmospheric carbon by Sky Diamonds and customizable fine jewelry from Hatton Labs also will be on offer. The interiors will be lined and wrapped with silver textures with a centerpiece inspired by Salvador Dalí’s cookbook ‘Les Dîners de Gala’ made by British artist Rhea Thierstein. The silver-sphered Corner Shop will remain until the end of the year.


Photo Courtesy of Selfridges