9 February 2022
United States
  • Background: Nordstrom has launched a series of campaigns for Black History Month. To highlight its diverse community of staff and consumers, the retailer is engaging with communities and highlighting Black-owned brands, Black food culture and stories among its Black employees. Nordstrom is also increasing monetary contributions to organizations that promote anti-racism.
  • Description: The campaign builds on Nordstrom’s previously announced commitments to the Black community, which include a series of diversity and inclusion targets to hit by 2025 such as increasing Black and Latinx representation in people-manager roles by at least 50%, having at least 50% of interns and early-career employees come from underrepresented populations, and introducing anti-racism and anti-bias training for those in customer-facing roles.
  • Impact: On the marketplace front, Nordstrom has already committed to selling more than US$500mn worth of products operated by, or designed by Black and Latinx people. In July, Nordstrom signed the 15% Pledge to commit to offering at least 15% of its shelf-space for Black-owned businesses. Nordstrom also announced that it will increase its charitable donations to $1mn per year over the next five years to organizations that promote anti-racism, such as civil rights and advocacy organization the National Urban League.


Photo courtesy of Nordstrom