12 April 2023
  • Background: Lotte Department Store will host this year’s first plogging event, which combines jogging and picking up trash, in the neighbourhood of Gyeonghui Palace in central Seoul.
  • Execution:  Lotte will install a booth at the entrance of the palace for three days starting from Friday and lend plogging tools such as tongs and biodegradable bags. The participants can receive a variety of eco-friendly goods such as bamboo toothbrushes and organic towels if they collect garbage around the palace, as well as in Jongno and Seodaemun districts. Lotte Department Store also plans to provide pouches and card wallets made of recycled banners as souvenirs.
  • Impact: The company hosted a string of plogging events at beaches and in urban areas last year, collecting 23,000 litres of garbage. Among the participants, 85% were in their 20s and 30s.