2 November 2022
  • Background: Organic baby clothes of the Zurich-based company OiOiOi are on display as a pop-up at Jelmoli. With its sustainability strategy The Green Act, Jelmoli wants to promote conscious consumption in the future.
  • Description: OiOiOi has a convenient, thoughtful subscription model for baby clothes that can be easily exchanged for the next size when needed. The new set is delivered freshly washed to the doorstep while the old one is conveniently returned. OiOiOi is taking care of the quality guarantee of the clothes.
  • Impact: OiOiOi offers online exclusively ethical brands with a sustainable production and will enrich the Jelmoli children's world on the 2nd floor with its pop-up store featuring 14 innovative brands.


Photo Courtesy of Jelmoli