17 December 2019
  • Background: Holt Renfrew has unveiled a new programme named H Project Approved, in an effort to help customers make socially responsible choices when shopping.
  • Description: The icon program is an extension of Holt Renfrew’s H Project concept—a dedicated space in-stores and via holtrenfrew.com that sells a conscious curation of responsible products. The program consists of one, overarching H Project Approved icon, and a series of sub-icons that clearly identify why a product is deserving of the accreditation. It includes: Artisanal, Responsible Material, Charitable, Clean Beauty and Clean Beauty+. 
  • Impact: Helping customers make well-informed purchases by clearly identifying products that are either less harmful to the environment, or makes a positive contribution to society through supporting charities and craftsmanship.

Photos courtesy of Holt Renfrew