16 November 2022
  • Background: Coin is teaming up with Oxfam Italia to launch a charity initiative in time for the holiday season. Named ‘Aggiungi Amore,’ or ‘Add Love’ in English, the project is aimed at providing underprivileged communities in need with 2.6mn gallons of safe water.
  • Description: Coin and the association tapped fashion designer Alessandro Enriquez to create limited edition graphics decking a collection of products to be sold at select Coin stores across the country and online. Additionally, Oxfam volunteers will be at Coin stores from Nov. 25 until Christmas.
  • Impact: Oxfam estimates that one-fourth of the global population, or about two billion people, have little to no access to drinking water. The initiative supported by Coin will allow the association to distribute potabilizing add-ons; personal care kits; install water buckets and moving tanks, as well as manual pumps.

Photo Courtesy of Coin