30 June 2021
The Weekly

Kicking off the rollout of its new retail concept in Europe, Zenith watchmaker has started with Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. The sales environment is fresher, lighted and has a clear line of communications. There are four different sections, each carrying a different theme, corresponding to watch styles and families — the pilot section, indicated by a small globe of the world; the Defy, which represents the label’s technical prowess; the chronomaster, which has a close link to the manufacturing facilities and the El Primero movement, and the classics. The new retail concept was first introduced into a store in Tokyo’s Ginza district, followed by one in Singapore, and then Shanghai. The space in Paris also includes a ‘history bar,’ where clients can have a seat and order a drink. Internet sales are playing a role for the brand and having risen to account for 5% of sales; the brand launched e-commerce sites in Europe and the U.S., followed by Japan and a WeChat space in China.