13 January 2022
The Weekly
South Africa

Woolworths has disclosed its goods supply sources across its retail divisions as part of its transparent and traceable supply chain. The list also features the suppliers of Country Road Group and David Jones. The information provided on the company's supplier page shows that the bulk of the factories where it sources its fashion, beauty and home merchandise are mostly located in China. A few other suppliers are also found in South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Pakistan, Eswatini and Madagascar, among other countries. None of the David Jones and Country Road merchandise is sourced locally or from elsewhere on the continent. Woolworths Vision 2025 goals ensures that all private label fashion and home products are designed to be reused, repaired, repurposed or recycled by 2025. It also aims to ensure that all its energy comes from renewable sources by 2030, and that the company achieves net zero carbon emissions by 2040.