26 October 2022
The Weekly

At Beijing SKP, Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton have opened dedicated salons for their top VIP spenders. This is hardly surprising when faced with the scenario of frequent, long queues outside their boutiques around the world — hardly a luxury experience. Dior and Chanel have recently taken the third floor of the building to open VIP-only salons. Dior’s private boutique offers three rooms (all by reservation) managed by the deputy store manager. Given the limited number, only loyal, existing customers have access to them. The salon concept is totally different from the boutiques, it is like a gallery, where the brand’s culture and DNA are showcased (a smaller size version of the Designers of Dreams Dior wall). Chanel’s exclusive store is similar. The latest collection and hard-to-find blue-chip pieces are presented as if in an art gallery.