8 April 2019
The Weekly
The Green Life – 2nd EditionThe Green Life – 2nd Edition

Following the success of the last edition, The Green Life is back – the event that transforms Rinascente stores into verdant oases with single-designer installations and an incredible variety of flowers and plants that take over the shopping spaces. The initiative aims to make the city more beautiful and liveable for all its residents and daily visitors. In the Piazza Duomo’s flagship store, the event is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan, and this year it partly coincides with the Design Week (9-14 April. Dutch artist Sabine Marcelis, has created a boulevard with 16 huge century-old olive trees in the outside area between the store and the Duomo, eight sculptures for the windows displays facing the square, and two in-store installations. Meanwhile, the other floors feature green spaces designed by the very best Italian specialists, with plants that can be admired and purchased. In the Rome Tritone flagship store, the central court, the Exhibition Area, the Palazzetto, the entrance on Via dei Due Macelli, and all floors are transformed into magical places. The other stores of Rinascente’s group are also taken over by greenery, with specially designed projects in the window displays and inside the store, offering a huge variety of flowers and plants.