13 October 2021
The Weekly

The Stockmann department store business will proceed to the next stage of its customer-focused strategy and organise its operations so that they provide better support to customer service and commercial processes. The goal is to improve customer satisfaction and business profitability with smoother processes and a more effective unified operating model in all three countries of operation. The planned renewal of the operating model will involve the entire personnel of the Stockmann Division in all three operating countries and when implemented the impacts will extend to all operating countries. The codetermination negotiations will cover 210 positions in Finland and the personnel reduction required is estimated to be 60 positions at the most. Of the organisation's current positions, approx. 105 will be ended, while about 45 new positions are planned. The locations of the new positions will be assigned optimally, based on operations and cost-effectiveness, to support business operations and growth in the best possible way in the operating countries. The personnel reductions will not affect the department store, customer service or online store operations.