4 March 2020
The Weekly

The Coincasa spring collection has sustainability as its main theme and marks the beginning of a growing commitment to products respecting the environment, its resources and local communities. The collection is directed to products combining functionality and aesthetics with natural, eco-sustainable materials and that can also have a second life. Hence the new label RE: SPECT, which will find continuity in future collections.

The materials used are as natural as possible: the dyes are extracted from flowers and plants and used on organic fabrics including cotton and linen; bamboo fibre and cork are transformed into table and kitchen accessories, lava stone into furnishing accessories. From the upcycle of glass, paper, wood, aluminium and plastic, decorative objects and table accessories, photo frames and unique objects are reborn, while scraps of fabrics are re-used to make soft towels and blankets. After the spring dedicated to sustainability, with the RE: SPECT theme, CoinCasa is inspired for the summer by water, with graphics and tones that recall the element, giving continuity to RE: SPECT and the collection’s eco-sustainable products, both in materials and manufacturing techniques.

The colour options cover all shades of blues. Drops, strokes, sinuous curves, waves and floating and elegant marine elements become delicate protagonists of the decoration of objects and fabrics. They are accompanied by marine details such as ropes, weaves, wefts and buoys that add liveliness to the soft and refined nuances that characterize the collection. Objects and forms of the African tradition are re-updated, as well as typical decorative elements appear as details to create afro-contemporary graphics. As always, the proposal is accompanied by a selection of Cargo items from Coincasa.