1 December 2021
The Weekly
South Korea

South Korean department store chains will be hosting a series of animal protection campaigns. From Dec. 3 to 5, Hyundai Department Store will be receiving donations of used transparent plastic bottles as part of its campaign to protect Eurasian otters, an endangered species. The store will donate 2,000 won (US$1.68) for each customer who participates in the campaign, which will be used by Touch for Good, a social enterprise, to protect Eurasian otter habitats. The plastic bottles will be cleaned and used for making upcycled goods next year. Galleria Department Store is releasing a shopping bag designed under the theme of protecting abandoned animals. As part of the store’s efforts to uphold respect for animal life, the bag has been designed to send out a message about adopting abandoned animals. This shopping bag will be given out to customers at Pet Boutique, a pet shop located in the store’s luxury hall.