20 January 2021
The Weekly
Shoppers Stop Celebrates Harvest Festival

Shoppers Stop has taken the Harvest Festival of India a notch higher with its beautiful window display. The Harvest Festival is an annual celebration and this month, Indiaobserves this festival across different states. Every state celebrates the festival in a unique way thereby symbolizing its tradition and culture. Resonating with this, Shoppers Stop has captured the essence of this celebration in their window displays. In Punjab, the festival of harvest is called Lohri! The spirit is showcased through their in-store displays using décor elements such as crops, local music instruments (Dhol), and the traditional ensemble via mannequins. South India celebrates the festival of Pongal and the window display is decked-up with an earthen pot used for cooking a special dish with the first crop. It is also adorned with flowers and other auspicious elements.

In the western part of the country, it’s called Makar Sankranti! People celebrate the festival by flying colourful kites all day long with their family and friends. This theme is the concept for window displays and is showcased via mannequin’s ensemble and decor.