23 June 2021
The Weekly
Selfridges Launches Garden Centres

Selfridges has launched several garden centres at a number of its stores which are a fashion-focused twist to the category for the true avant-gardener. Garden centres have opened in the Oxford Street branch, in Manchester and Birmingham with products on sale including an exclusive themed clothing offer from Prada, a clothing range inspired by rock band The Grateful Dead, as well as the more usual items such as own-brand compost, plants and garden gnomes. It’s part of a 2021 theme at the chain called ‘Good Nature’ and includes a ‘potting shed’ with experts on-site, workshops and events running from June 25 to July 11. Horticulture as an activity and related sales boomed during the pandemic with reports of an extra 3 million gardeners entering the segment in 2020, almost half of them aged under 45.