29 January 2020
The Weekly

Selfridges has pledged to remove all plastic-based cosmetic glitter by next year as it pushes on with efforts to try and become the most sustainable retailer. The luxury department store said it was working closely with 300 suppliers to ensure plastic-based cosmetic glitter is removed from its beauty halls by 01 Jan. 2021. The move comes as research from One Poll found that almost two-thirds – 64% – of Brits were unaware that glitter contains single-use plastic, earning it the reputation as the hidden microplastic. Upon learning about its harmful contents, 63% of the survey’s respondents said they would be less likely to purchase a plastic-based cosmetic glitter in the future. As with microbeads and other micro-plastics within cosmetics, single use glitter is easily washed away, leading to it entering water systems and going on to pollute oceans and endanger sea wildlife. Selfridges has already banned all plastic carrier bags, single-use plastic water and carbonated drinks bottles and plastic straws. In 2016, the retailer removed products containing plastic microbeads, two years ahead of a national manufacturing ban. Last year, all single-use, plastic-based cosmetic wet wipes were removed from stores, both for purchase and use at counter.