8 April 2020
The Weekly
Rinascente's #STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG CampaignRinascente's #STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG CampaignRinascente's #STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG CampaignRinascente's #STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG CampaignRinascente's #STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG Campaign

Wednesday, March 11th, Rinascente closed all its stores to the public. A decision that has been taken before restrictions were effective, as the safety of all the people who work for and together with Rinascente, and that of its visitors, has a much greater value, which does not require obligations or prohibitions to be preserved. Anyway, Rinascente did not stop, driven by the belief that there are things to believe in, things to do and people to put trust in. Hence the #STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG project comes to life. Conveyed as a social communication campaign at first, the project then materialized in an all-windows set-up of all the Rinascente stores, starting from Milano Duomo Flagship store, to the Cagliari store, passing through Florence. Windows have always been, ever since Carlo Pagani designed them in the 1950s, and will always remain, our first communicative channel, our first point of blending with people. Rinascente's message joins the ones of lots of Italians who have chosen to display heart-warming messages of hope and encouragement on their balconies, front doors and windows of their homes.

#STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG is, first of all, a message of cohesion, respect and closeness - especially to those who fight the health emergency at the front lines - and to the territory, with which Rinascente has always had an unbreakable bond. In fact, Rinascente is not just shopping: above all, it is constant commitment in the cities, promotion of culture and good practices, which push it once again to contribute with this initiative. Rinascente has communicated the #STAYHOMESTAYSTRONG campaign on its social media accounts and has set up its windows with six strong and disruptive messages of hope, each of them with a bright, colourful and captivating graphics.

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