24 May 2023
The Weekly
Rinascente's New Restaurant in Rome

The restaurant MAIO, the new creation of the brothers Alessandro and Massimo Maio, recently opened on the roof of the Rinascente al Tritone in Rome. They propose an elaborate cuisine that also makes room for ‘fusion’ escapes: sea bass sashimi, tataki in oyster sauce. The formula is ‘all day long’: it starts with a breakfast proposal, but the strong point is at lunch (the menu is partly derived from the evening one, which also includes chic salads, lobster rolls, club sandwiches, and a short list of pizza and pinsa). Then off to the afternoon program, including selected teas, pastries, appetizers, but also real dishes. Customers can also enjoy a classic platter of ‘fine de claire’ with bubbles proposed by the Champagnerie and Oyster Bar Moët & Chandon located on the roof. The most extensive menu is obviously reserved for dinner, where there is also a risotto section, chosen as the flagship dish of the MAIO and declined in a thousand shades.