17 November 2021
The Weekly

In 2020, Rinascente sales fell by 40% but the projections for 2021 predict + 20% compared to the year previous. The turning point came after the summer, between July and August, thanks to good sales and new collections in the fall. Local customers and European tourists returned and, albeit more timidly, American, Russian and Arab customers. However, sales related to tourism are still down 76% (tax free turnover) but domestic, European and even US tourism is recovering. 2.5mn Rinascente Cards are activated in Italy, confirming the importance of local customers.  Rinascente launched its e-commerce store during the pandemic but the on-demand service has been active for four years via Whatsapp, WeChat and other social networks. The 2021 sales projection of e-commerce is €15mn, the same figure also for on-demand projections for a total of €30mn. Main top brands are not yet present on the online boutique.

Rinascente invested over €37mn in the renovation of its store in Roma Fiume; the works should be completed in August 2023. The Beauty Bar services, created within the perfumery, will now be extended to all stores. A mix of emerging, eco-friendly brands, not tested on animals, young brands and start-ups. The concept includes around one hundred brands and services ranging from styling to nail art and massages. It has already been successfully tested in Milan, Florence, Turin and Catania and is on the launch pad in the Rome, Palermo and Cagliari stores. Rinascente also worked on its food offer where 95% of the brands come from Italian producers, often of small dimensions. Rinascente also introduced 'DeGusto Oil & Wine', an approach to extra virgin olive oil and cellars for a non-expert audience that allows them to recognize a product of quality. Next year, the initiative will be revived and we will also include liqueurs and chocolate.