5 February 2020
The Weekly
Sri Lanka
‘Resort to Basics’ launches at ODEL

This season, ODEL embraces the statement ‘Less is More’ with their ‘Resort to Basics’ collection. The range of products highlights fashion staples and wardrobe essentials, made from breathable fabrics. The collection draws inspiration from the Japanese concept of ‘Shibusa’ which refers to an aesthetic that is simple, subtle and unobtrusively beautiful. The campaign’s allusion to the Japanese culture is brought in through recurrent visual motifs such as bamboo, eastern red-crowned crane- a sign of good luck, blooming chinoiserie (Japanese cherry blossoms, symbolic of renewal and new beginnings) and the iconic Tori Gate that signifies transition. Woven and knitted bags, along with shoes in similar neutral colours and tones and block heels are also part of the collection. Additionally, ODEL Home will show case a collection for living, dining and kitchen as well as bed and bath ware that compliments the aesthetic whilst enhancing the overall natural yet minimalistic ethos of the spring collection.