25 June 2024
The Weekly

A springboard for the contemporary art scene, the ‘Manor Culturel Prize’ has been revealing and encouraging talent for 42 years. The goal is to support artists with promising work, whatever the discipline practiced, recognizing one artist per canton (county). The 2025 winners once again demonstrate the variety of mediums used, ranging from photography or performance to video, sculpture and often the combination of a multitude of these practices, as well as the diversity of perspectives. In addition to granting a bonus to the artist, the sponsoring company acquires a piece for its collection.


In Basel, the artist Cassidy Toner is the lucky winner and will exhibit in 2025 at the Basel Art Museum. His works combine sculpture, ceramics, painting, photography and protean installations to explore themes of desire, existence, prejudices and models of destructive behavior. The painter Noemi Pfister wins the Manor Cultural Prize at the Graubünden Art Museum for this canton. Noemi Pfister, who is originally from Graubünden. She combines motifs from art history and popular culture, thus playing with references from collective memory.