17 November 2021
The Weekly
Printemps' Christmas Windows Unveiled

To the delight of young and old dreamers, Printemps Haussmann unveiled on 10th November its new Christmas windows on the theme ‘The incredible Elves Factory’. In a magical whirlwind, the Elves will invade Printemps Haussmann, determined to string together pranks, magic tricks and surprises in front of customers who have come to do their Christmas shopping.

In total, 125 Santa Claus Elves will strut around the heart of ‘The Incredible Elves Factory’. Among the eleven showcases, all dressed in a decor illustrated by Aurélia Fronty, four magnificent paintings will showcase a festive and quirky energy: ‘The arrival at Printemps’, ‘The postal workshop’, ‘The gourmet workshop’ and ‘the Elves parade’. In addition, within ‘The Star Workshop’, the Elves will transform into alchemists to prepare the Chanel No.5 perfume, and will prepare the most beautiful Prada party outfits at ‘The Fashion Workshop’.