4 August 2021
The Weekly

People can get married at Selfridges, and now they can source their pre-loved wedding outfits from the store, too, with the opening of a circular bridal boutique at the Corner Shop. The space, Resellfridges: The Wedding, opened on Aug. 2, and dovetails with the store’s growing enthusiasm for rental and resale services, part of its Project Earth sustainability commitments. It also follows the launch of Selfridges’ wedding services which allow consumers to marry at the Oxford Street store. The selection will include designer dresses, upcycled men’s wear suits, vintage wedding rings and pre-loved accessories, as well as rental.



In its circular bridal boutique, Selfridges will be offering edits from brands including Resee Paris, Rokit Vintage and Vout Vintage alongside a collection from Mon Vintage, which carries pieces from brands such as Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent and Alaïa. Mon Vintage also offers a bespoke sourcing service. Clothsurgeon is showcasing upcycled and repurposed men’s wear pieces, while accessories have been sourced from vintage jewellers Jennifer Gibson and Susan Caplan, as well as from the contemporary brands Anna + Nina, The Vintage Trap, Pawnshop London and The Vintage Showroom.  The Corner Shop will also host upcycling and repair services from The Restory ahead of the big day.