22 January 2019
The Weekly
Sri Lanka

'Luv SL' -- ODEL's unique tribute brand that celebrates Sri Lankan creative expression through merchandise, has opened an outlet at the Shangri La Hotel in Colombo. The new outlet is branded 'Luv SL Treasures' in recognition of its carefully crafted product range, which caters to three main customer segments - the adventurous traveller, the expatriate, and the local shopper.

Among the most eye-catching of these products are silk scarves, stone inlaid figurines in brass, coconut shell jewellery, cloth bags and purses, and similar items designed to be uniquely reminiscent of destination Sri Lanka. Taking pride of place is a signature Luv SL Treasures collection of metallic crystal-encrusted figurines on the lines of the masterpieces created by the famed Russian jewellery maker Fabergé. The Luv SL Treasures outlet has its own unique look.

While the signature wooden interior of the regular Luv SL stores has been retained, a mirror adorned with traditional 'liya wel' trellis work, and a rustic tiled floor with hand-painted floral motifs evocative of colonial Dutch décor gives the interior a more luxurious ambience.