5 October 2023
The Weekly
United States

Nordstrom released its 2022 Impact Report, citing progress toward meeting the five-year goals established back in 2020. By making changes to packaging, the retailer reached its goal of reducing single-use plastics by 50% in 2025 — three years ahead of schedule. Nordstrom eliminated 853 tons of plastic waste by replacing plastic Nordstrom Rack shopping bags with paper bags. To achieve their goal of taking back 100 tons of beauty packaging by 2025, they expanded the beauty packaging recycling program, Beautycycle, to Nordstrom Rack stores and took back nearly 30 tons of packaging in 2022.

In addition, the Nordstroms cited progress increasing purchases from businesses owned or founded by Black people, which the company aims to increase by 10 times by the end of 2030. During Black Business Month in 2022, they created Buy Black pop-up markets to highlight a rotating selection of local Black businesses — an initiative that drove $14mn in sales for Black-owned and founded brands in August alone. Nordstrom’s goal is to reach $500mn in retail sales from brands owned, operated or designed by Black, Hispanic or Latine individuals by 2025. Last year, the company sold $245mn worth of products from Black, Hispanic or Latine brands, which exceeded the interim one-year goal by approximately 24%.

Also last year, Nordstrom made more than $12mn in donations to more than 350 organizations, moving closer to its goal of donating more than $50mn in the communities it serves by 2025. In support of this goal, they also partnered with Nike and Shoes That Fit, donating more than 47,000 pairs of brand-new sneakers to kids in need. The report cited other ESG-related accomplishments, among them:

.  Keeping more than 360 tons of clothing out of landfills through donation, resale or refurbishment.

.  Employees volunteered 26,000-plus hours at more than 320 nonprofit organizations, representing a 50% increase in employee volunteerism.

.   Affirmed support for the LGBTQIA+ community by signing on to the

  Human Rights Campaign’s letter in support of the Respect for Marriage

  Act and its Business Statement on Anti-LGBTQ State Legislation.

.   Gave $3.9mn to almost 3,000 nonprofits through the employee matching

  donation program.

.   Reaching the halfway point in achieving the goal of producing 90% of

  Nordstrom-Made products in factories that invest in gender equity.

  Nordstrom-Made is the name of the retailer’s program for private brands.