15 April 2020
The Weekly
Nordstrom unveils Sustainability InitiativesNordstrom unveils Sustainability Initiatives

Two days ahead of Earth Day, Nordstrom outlined its new environment sustainability goals for 2025 and has also added beauty to its sustainable style category. Customers can now shop sustainable beauty products in one location on nordstrom.com and the Nordstrom App.

Nordstrom’s sustainable goals for 2025 include:

  • Set a science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Reduce single-use plastic by 50%;
  • Use sustainably sourced raw materials in 50% of Nordstrom Made products made of polyester, cotton and cellulosic fibers;
  • Extend the life of 250 tons of clothing;
  • Ensure 15% of all product is considered sustainable;
  • Donate $1mn to support textile recycling innovation.


Last August, Nordstrom announced its participation in the G7 Fashion Pact, a coalition of global luxury retailers working to identify and promote concrete goals to mitigate the environmental impact of the fashion industry across oceans, climate and biodiversity. Nordstrom also launched Sustainable Style, the first of its kind shopping category offered by a U.S. based multiline fashion retailer to help make it easy for its customers to engage circular and sustainable fashion choices while feeling confident that their contribution to battling climate change is meaningful and impactful.