26 August 2020
The Weekly
United States

CEO Erik and president and brand officer Pete Nordstrom on Monday outlined a series of ambitious initiatives the retailer is undertaking to promote racial equality, including bringing more diversity to its workforce and increasing the number of Black and/or Latinx-designed brands and businesses it sells. They are committing to delivering $500mn in retail sales from brands owned by, operated by, or designed by Black and/or Latinx individuals by the end of 2025.  Part of this work will be supported by the Supplier Diversity program, which will track and support diverse-owned suppliers across all areas of the business. Nordstrom is targeting its entire workforce, from sales floors to the board room for stronger representation across racial and gender identities.

The retailer said 60% of its employees identify as non-white, and three of its 11 board members are Black. While proud of this progress, Nordstrom set a goal of increasing by 50% the representation of Black and LatinX individuals in people manager roles. To ensure minority candidates have a path to jobs, at least 50% of internship participants will come from under-represented populations. Also, Nordstrom is launching a new multi-year corporate partnership with historic civil rights organization the National Urban League, which will be a resource for the retailer as it aims to serve, hire, retain and connect with Black and other underrepresented groups. Nordstrom said it will double it charitable giving to nonprofits that promote racial justice, to about $1mn per year for the next five years to ensure that a portion of its giving is directed toward important topics.