15 January 2020
The Weekly

Rent-the-Runway has expanded its ongoing partnership with Nordstrom to include a retail element. Nordstrom currently hosts Rent-the-Runway Drop-Off Boxes in numerous locations where renters can make quick and easy returns, and the two companies recently announced that Nordstrom would begin contributing its own inventory to Rent-the-Runway's ecosystem. Now, a new retail collaboration was introduced. which sees Nordstrom selling Rent-the-Runway’s previously rented garments in its off-price Nordstrom Rack stores. The initiative is called RTR Revive and is available at select in-store locations, with prices on designer fashions starting at US$28.

Rent-the-Runway has already been selling items it takes out of the rental circuit at low prices through its own website. These items are available to anyone with an account and typically are priced around 40 to 80% off retail value. The company has also hosted sample sales of these items in major cities. The Nordstrom Rack partnership allows customers in numerous cities across the U.S. to shop Rent-the-Runway's selection of used, excellent condition designer pieces in person. The partnership is available in major cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego, as well as many smaller locations.