30 October 2019
The Weekly
New sweets hall at Selfridges

Selfridges has opened its brand-new confectionery hall, boasting the largest vegan chocolate counter in the land. In addition to its cruelty-free counter, the brand-new shiny space features more than 1,500 sweets and chocolates from over 40 confectionery houses across the planet.

Leading brands include the likes of Carpo, Neuhaus, Charbonnel et Walker, Pierre Marcolini, Artisan du Chocolate, Rococo Godiva, K+M chocolate and Diggle chocolates. Set to be the UK’s largest of its kind, The ‘Vegan Chocolatier’ will bash out 20 hand-picked options courtesy of Brighton-based house Be Chocolat by Michel Clement. For Christmas, 26 advent calendars will pop up along the space’s pristine walls.