18 March 2019
The Weekly

From April 4 to May 12, Printemps is organizing a series of events intended to highlight new consumption patterns, including upcycling. In the figurehead of this event titled "(Re) create, (re) invent," the artistic director of Andrea Crews, Maroussia Rebecq, imagined a capsule collection made from parts of the ‘Printemps’ own collections. The making of this collection of twenty pieces has been entrusted to the association Tissons la Solidarité, which brings together 70 structures in France around the management of second-hand textile. This fashion proposal will be marketed in the Paris Haussmann, Lille and Lyon. Working on the same process of upcycling, the storefronts of the flagship store will be adorned with contemporary works made by five artists, from recycled materials.

Throughout the duration of the event, a large collection of clothing will be set up in all addresses of Printemps network: after a sorting phase, these clothes will then feed the second-hand network of La Croix Rouge. Purchases of vintage pieces will also be possible in a dozen addresses of the department store through the pair of bargain hunters Tilt Vintage, which selected fashion pieces from the 1960s to 1990. Finally, each Printemps will organize on May 11 a vacuum-dressing with local influencers, whose profits will be donated to an association in the store’s region, which may also benefit from micro-donations made in cash by customers.