2 October 2019
The Weekly
New beauty department opens at JelmoliNew beauty department opens at Jelmoli

On Thursday 12th September 2019 Jelmoli has welcomed over 700 guests to celebrate the new Beauty Department in a fun atmosphere. "The most stylish funfair", which is the theme of Jelmoliā€™s autumn campaign, was the perfect occasion to create a truly multisensory experience and a beautiful storyline for the big opening event. A sky-blue sequin curtain and pink carpet created an extravagant entrance. The scent of roasted almonds was in the air and guests were welcomed by typical fairground organ music, which created an unique and fun ambiance. Furthermore guests where entertained by each brand of the Beauty Department with a lot of jolly funfair activities.

KILIAN offered a cocktail pairing, NARS offered a Lipstick dart game and TOM FORD attracted the crowd with a video booth. An ice cream truck at the LA MER counter, a Candy Shop by BOBBI BROWN and the ARMANI popcorn machine were only a few of the treats that Jelmoli offered to its guests this evening. Big extra was the exeptional give-away: The fancy popcorn-bag, which everyone received at the entrance to be filled up with lots of samples and presents from each brand made everyone leave with a big smile.