22 September 2021
The Weekly
Lotte opens Premium Outlet ‘Time Villas’Lotte opens Premium Outlet ‘Time Villas’

On 10 September 2022, Lotte Department Store opened a nature friendly shopping mall of the future at Uiwang, Gyeonggi, 30 minutes by car from Gangnam, Seoul). Spanning over a gross Area of 175,200m2, it features 245 shops. It is projected to generate more than KRW300 bn (US$260mn) annually. For the main building, Lotte Department Store collaborated with Sho Okuno, a renowned Japanese architect. It features retractable ceilings that can be opened or closed depending on the weather conditions, thus always providing a pleasant shopping environment. On the rooftop, customers can enjoy the incredible view of surrounding Bara Mountain and Baekun Lake. Customers can always feel the nature even indoors thanks to the 30 meters high glass dome. The ‘Glass Ville’ consists of 10 ‘Glass Houses’ designed in collaboration with a rising Korean developer ‘Glow Seoul’. Each Glass House features only one brand to maximize the brand experience and contents. Simmons, Snowpeak, PXG, D.Throne are some of the brands housed in the Glass Ville. In the centre of the outer space, there is a large grass field open to customers for enjoying picnic.

The experiential shopping mall offers exciting experiences:

  • A Skate Bowl Park: designed by South Korean artist Koo Jeong A, who also created skate parks in France, Australia, Brazil, Italy, and Denmark.
  • Various activities for children and parents: ‘D.Throne Lounge’ offers premium electric vehicles that children can ride with their parents on the promenade. There are also indoor and outdoor playgrounds for the children to play.
  • Strengthening golf experience: Golf has recently become extremely popular among Korean millennials. Customers can try out the golf clubs and equipments at the ‘Putting Bay’ in PXG brand shop or the bunker in ‘Titleist Fitting Center’ before they make a purchase.
  • Kia Motor’s first exhibition space in a shopping mall: the first electric vehicles by Kia, the new EV6 models, are exhibited in the mainstage pop-up space and the showroom. Customers can also test drive an actual EV6 around the shopping mall by reservation.
  • Popular restaurants and cafes: 47 restaurants and cafes are located in the mall. In the dining zone on the second floor, customers can enjoy the lake view while enjoying the menu of their choice.