25 October 2023
The Weekly
South Korea
Lotte Department Store's Launch Food Souvenirs

Lotte Department Store will open a ‘Local Express’ pop-up store on the first basement floor of its main store from October 20 to 26, offering eight unique food souvenir items crafted from local specialties. The selected food souvenir items include ‘Kim Chips’ from Namyangju, ‘Almond Dates Palm’ from Chungju, ‘Ginger Mint Fermented Tea & Red Bean Aged Pumpkin Hoji Tea’ from Boseong, ‘Korean Meat Stock’ from Sinan, ‘Red Plum Wine’ from Yeongcheon, ‘Sweet Potato Caramel’ from Busan, ‘Hallabong Agar Roll Jelly’ from Jeju, and ‘Myeongi Laver’ from Jeongseon. To create these distinctive food souvenirs, Lotte Department Store conducted extensive research in over 100 markets over the past year and organized five evaluation sessions in collaboration with the Korea Tourism Organization. After the pop-up store closes, the eight food tourism souvenirs will continue to be sold at Lotte Department Store’s Gimpo Airport and Incheon branches, Busan Headquarters, and Lotte Department Store Mall.

Lotte Duty Free opened Korea’s first duty-free showroom ‘LDF House’ in Myeongdong on Thursday. Located on the main street of Myeongdong, the 297m2, three-story building is organized around three elements: shopping, sightseeing, and customer experience. The exterior reflects Lotte Duty Free’s brand identity by utilizing the company’s iconic red colour and hot air balloon design. Lotte Group’s efforts in developing food tourism souvenirs and opening a showroom in Myeongdong aim to solidify the notion of ‘Korea Tourism equals Lotte Shopping’ in the minds of international tourists. This year, Lotte Duty Free’s foreign tourist sales from January to September, based on the main store, have increased by a remarkable 370% compared to the same period last year, and is almost at pre-Covid-19 levels.