8 May 2024
The Weekly
South Korea
Lotte Department Store Expanding Premium Dining Offer

Lotte Department Store will expand its premium dining store in Jamsil ABNEWLl, Songpa-gu, Seoul, it is a move to meet the demand for high-end restaurants. Jamsil ABNEWL will open a premium Korean dining ‘Hanamcheon Ilgwan’ on the 6 FL from the 4FL. Haenamcheonilgwan is a traditional Namdo Korean food restaurant that began as ‘Cheonilgwan’ in Haenam, Jeollanam-do in 1924 and has been going on for 100 years for four generations. It was also selected as a Michelin guide this year and made its name known.


It is characterized by utilizing domestic seasonal ingredients to preserve its natural taste without chemical seasoning. All meals are served as a course, and depending on the composition, there are a total of three courses, from KRW60,000-170,000 (US$45-125) per person. Haenamcheon Ilgwan has a professional wine sommelier and also offers a pairing service that recommends wine according to the menu and customers' tastes. All menus are provided as ceramic bowls dedicated to Haenamcheon Ilgwan by ceramic artist Jung Hyun-jin.


Jamsil ABNEWL's premium dining has continued to strengthen since last year. In October last year, it opened a charcoal-grilled restaurant, ‘Carbonjang,’ and in December, ‘Tereno Seoul,’ which was selected as the only Michelin one-star Spanish restaurant in Korea for three consecutive years. As a result of these efforts, Jamsil ABNEWL's premium dining sales grew 25% from January to April this year compared to the same period last year.